Does Anyone Know What It Usually Cost to Rent a U Haul Or How Much It Is to Hire Movers

I will be moving befor to long and want to know roughly what it costs. With the u haul, is it so much a mile or does it go by hours or what? And generally how much is it for movers? It will be about a two hour drive one way so... any help with be appreciated

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I am . As soon as my house sells. However its only been on the market for a few day and weve had a few people out so im hooping we get it sold fast then im out.

you could just go to and find out. or find their number in the phone book and call them and ask them for specific pricing info. why are you moving?

Hey, i appreciate the comment i will have to see if we have them around but i think i have seen them befor around here. Yes your right this will be the...fourth move in a year and a half.