I have a friend who lives four hours away who is interested in astral travel. We tried an experiment where I would travel to her room and look on her nightstand. She would place on a notepad, a symbol, letter, some kind of diagram and for a week she changed them every night to something else. What was scary to start was I saw six out of the seven things she did. She tried to see mine, but was not successful. We used binaural beats and isochronic tones to assist her fir astral travel. She saw general colors. Example, we would fly together and I would take her to the pyramids, she saw the color beige or yellowish, i tried to take her to mars, she saw red. I joined a small local group of travellers and for fun I said I would travel to one of the members bedroom. I described her bedspread and the area of town she lived, never met her before. The co ordinator of the group was trying to travel with limited success. His father who lived 2500 miles away tried to experiment by putting a playing card on a desk. Not only did I see the card correctly, but the next two cards in the deck. I want to meet and try to travel with others who have the ability to travel. I would like to try these experiments with others to validate the ability
curioustraveler5 curioustraveler5
61-65, M
Aug 21, 2014