Touch Scares Me

I heard about these cuddle parties a few years ago where people wear pajamas and lay around just touching each other- but not sexually. It sounds like a good way to get my "touch"/direct human contact needs met. I need practice since I haven't been, uh, touched in years (is that lame?). Now I feel pathetic. lol

RubyTewes RubyTewes
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5 Responses Nov 8, 2008

Everyone should do something every day that scares them. What better place to start than a hug? Contact with anything unfamiliar causes recoil. Have you considered getting a massage? I am a certified massage therapist (retired to become a teacher) and people would often cry during a massage. Clients would get embarrassed, but I had been trained/warned about unanticipated emotional reactions to touch during massage school. People are so skin starved! The human body needs love; that is not pathetic, its beautiful! Good for you for identifying what you need, now go get it!

Hi there CUDDLE PARTIES not sure about this one I need cuddles or I don't function as I would class myself as an affectionaholic and need at least 4 cuddles my remidy is to go up to my friends and just tell them I need a cuddle don't you. Ths really works cause now they cuddle me when they see me and when they leave withput having to ask . However if I don't see anyone my dog always gives me cuddles and my clydesdale horse. And I know this isn't the same but feel free to collect a virtual cuddle from me anytime the only thing is that it cuts both ways XO

Hi again! hum...well my wife before she died was in a lot of pain for years (lots of operations), so we couldn't make love. Iwent out of my way to try and not "set up" any situations that would fire us up...except for big snugglie hugs( she requird about 4 per day and I required about 10) anyway now, whenever a lady touches me I jump about 10' makes me feel like a total ***. So hang and concentrate on what you do want and it'll work itself out.

Hi jj97! First, heres a big ole hug grrrr! Better? Ok, re;your comments on my story. Not ewww its just the subconcious telling us where were at...besides it was liberating albeit wet! Thanks for the comment tho. It's nice to be able to share this stuff with good people like "yerself"