I often see pics of people doing this, but they always seem to be wearing something, even if it is just body paint. Body paint is definitely NOT my thing. Is it possible to do the WNBR fully naked? If not, I couldn't be convinced to participate.

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That would be so cool

This year, Montreal will host 2 naked bike rides. A daytime ride July 5 and a nighttime ride Aug. 2.14

yes when I rode in the Burlington VT events I was completely naked except for sunglasses and flip flops for entire ride. SOme people do the body paint for decorations only.

Cool! Good on you!

Going to do the LA ride this year, unless I chicken out

So has it happened yet? Did you do it?
Hope so!

No, I wish. Turns they met up very close to my house... I just had other things todo. It was on the 14th, Father's Day weekend.

i did it in madrid three years ago in 2011 and wanna do it again this year! was so great to cycle up the main street totally naked with hundreds of people looking at me.
when we stopped in a square for a break there were loads of tourists around taking photos. i was near the edge of the crowd and a group of youngish girls started taking photos of me as i rested against my bike. i suddenly got a huge erection right there and had nothing to cover up with, so i just stayed where i was and let them take more pictures of my hard ****! i wish i had gotten a photo of some them standing beside me while i had an erection.
do it if you can!
it's a great experience to be naked in your city and it only happens one day a year!

I have ridden in the World Nude Bike Ride - Burlington VT twice now. I wanted to ride in the WNBR - Montpelier VT last year but scheduling conflict. When I have ridden it was completely nude for the entire ride. Burlington VT has a law about disrobing in public but being nude in public in VT is legal. Our event the first year started in a private bike shop where we went inside ******** down and then walked outside to hang out for the media and prepare to ride. Some do use body painting as accents but many of us wear sunglasses or a hat to see and that is it besides something on feet for pedaling like flip flops or sneakers.

My second year of riding was even or nudity. As soon as I crossed the state line from NH, I pulled over in the next town, hit a dunkin donughnuts for a coffee. When I came back to my truck clothes came off and were put in the back seat. I drove the entire length of I89 completely nude. I even had to stop twice at rest areas for bathroom breaks and also walked in completely nude. Once I got to Burlington, I found on street parking near the meet up building. I got out of the truck unloaded the bike and rode over to the meet up completely nude with no clothes for covering and just keys clipped to bike.

Overall it depends on the location and the local laws, but yes many riders do go completely nude for the bike ride.

Yes... I've done it myself absolutely and completely naked

I think if you are going to the effort of traveling to a place to do a nude bike run then it is best to get the full experience out of it. wear as little as pos to get there and then when its time just ***** off everything . no body paint no small underwear just total nudity. i always trim my pubes back a bit more than normal a little hair looks good but not too much. some people like to ride in the centre of the group i prefer to cycle to the barrier side to let as many people get a look as they want. i only do two rides a year so let as many see me a s pos otherwise why be naked. yes it is a sexual thing to some degree but as a guy it will be, but it is also a wonderful sense of freedom and a massive confidence boost. just do it and do it fully nude if you do not go fully naked you will regret it afterwards and its a long time to wait till the next one.

I went last night - tons of naked people - mostly the men were full naked. Women for the most part were topless. There was a lot of body paint, but plenty of unpainted people too.

ok i think the one in michigan is in june i think. that gives me some time to convince myself to do it. i would probably feel a little weird doing it with my clothes on (i'd feel like a dirty old man) so i have to work up the courage to get naked in front of a bunch of people LOL

I am there with you. Shoes and the sun, that is all I need to be clothed with. As far as the brain bucket goes...I have a hard head, ask my wife.

Yes! The law authorities permit this to happen within the ride route. There is a pace to show up to change or get undressed and then ride around and come back to there to get dressed before departing!

i'm in then as long as i can protect both heads LOL i looked it up i see they have one in Michigan. oh wait, this is legal right?????

You can wear as much or as little as you like. It is a clothing optional bike ride!

LOL i would do it if i can wear a helmet and a jockstrap :-))))

YOu do not have to. The WNR is held all over the US. There is one in Austin. It will be coming up in the next few months, June 13, 2009. Go to this site to find out more:<br />
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Rick, you can go watch at any of the locations sponsoring a ride!

can i just go and watch? trust me when i say nobody wants to see my fatass naked on a bicycle seat LOL

Great to know! If I manage to make it to Cali, I will be sure to ride just like I do at home.

No requirement, and if you wish to ride barefoot, you can do that as well. Do what is most comfortable to you. Those two pieces of equipment just suggested for safety, otherwise, totally bare!

Sneakers I suppose I could tolerate, the bike helmet would be a tougher sell. I've been riding daily for 25 years and have never worn a helmet.

Yes, but I would suggest sneakers and possibly a helmet. Other than that I recommend wearing nothing.