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i love nude riding so much that i do it at our local park once a week. it is only a small park and i go there a five in the morning on a sunday and ***** off and do about five to ten laps . from time to time you meet people either dog walkers or joggers i just say sorry to them if i have offended them but after doing it for so long all these people are regulars and see me as normal now, there is only one girl jogger who always stops me to have a chat and her eyes always wander down to my penis but i do not mind,if you are reading this sal its ok you can see me anytime. but the cycle while nude is such a wonderful feeling of freedom from all day clothes and yes it is a turn on and as a guy i try not to let it show in the form of an erction but when i get back home i can relieve myself then in private even more so if sal has got me going as she knows she trys to do. one day sal you may push it too far and see me go hard in front of you.

This looks like fun I love rideing my bike nude it feels good and is a real turn on to be seen and But my little bike seat just gets slick after a good ride lol.

lol Love those paint jobs. That's what I want on me this year. I will be there in Chicago and ride in this. YES!!! Luv'n it *.*

Yes fun is that?

mewold.<br />
Blue would be most becoming on you.<br />
This seems to be a global event. The one you mention is the one I want to attend.<br />
Do you know the date for this years ride?

Hahaha! Look at the guys faces! Why do they all remind me of Stan Laurel? I want to imagine him sitting back there with his bowler hat on, grinning that grin!

It is in San Francisco and some people paint their entire body. There are even kids in it sometimes. I don't want to attend it, I want to be in it. Talk about fun. I would do my entire body in a light blue.

yes and i was wondering about the principles of hygiene

Ouchie, Mama! The chaffing! The burns!