The Face Behind Everything Bad.

Hi there, I'm Marydith, I'm young , i'm a teenager... I'm very insecure about who I am, how I live.
When My cousin introduced facebook to me, I found it very helpful for my camaraderie to others. some strangers talk to me. 
My photo was Demi lovato's rare pictures. Foreign started adding me and talking to me. every beautiful photo of demi I post, I get their compliments.
I felt it was something I just wanted to have as my happiness. for the fact that in reality I don't have many friends, I don't get to hear nice things from other people of who I am or what I do. So I thought to have more strangers or have friends with.

I started looking for a better unknown photos... I searched in other sites.
I found a photo of a pretty girl, so i decided to use it with out any permission. and as time goes by I started to stalk every photo of her, making such lies in facebook and adding more friends. I felt so guilty, it's the temptation that really pulls me hard away from reality. Then I knew she was still, you know updated from all "her" sites. so i made every account that she had an access to. I asked to "her" everything about her. So i get like somehow too many access into her personal life. once I tried to hack everything she had an account access toT. I felt horrible and disgust about who I am even more than before. I tried to managed to make things good but nothing changes. My poser personality lasted for about 2 years. since I was in 6 grade. 

And this experience of my life. let me realized that EVEN I DON'T HAVE THE BEAUTY IN THE OUTSIDE THAT OTHER CANT SEE, EVEN IN THE INSIDE... Nothing can replace my family's love and care to me, And in that way,  as it goes by... I'm feeling that there's no reason to be insecure when you have the most beautiful and loving family and friends you can have. :)
Marydithmaynard Marydithmaynard
May 16, 2012