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Teen Girly

Hi Girls. When I was 19 I just ADORED pulling up a Pretty Pastel Colored Girdle, over my cute, Lacy, nylon colored  Panties.

You boys won't appricate this, but us (GIRLS or GIRLS WANNA BE) can relate. Getting dressed, lacy panties on, along with a matching Lacy underwire Bra. Pulling up a tight GIRDLE, and wiggling to and fro so that it comes up to present a smooth FEMININE Front, minimize "Muffin Tops" and of course having Lovely Garter Tabs to expose the GIRLISH act of wearing Stockings.


OMG, I just totally enjoyed then and do now, walking with my skirt swinging to and fro, making a GIRLISH sound from the Pettiecoats carressing my legs.

Do Real Girls, REALLY ENJOY, BEING GIRLS??????????




carolannP carolannP 51-55, M 3 Responses Mar 19, 2010

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Ha ha ha Glad to hear you did that it's kind of like spitting in the patriarchy's face a little every time something like that happens

I tend to agree with carolann on the dresses and petticoats.....brings back lots of memories of cross dressing as a child with the girls next door.

Not sure I can't say, I do a lot of things some would consider "girlish" like wearing wet look leggings but I can't stand dresses and frilly stuff even on women it makes them look silly and helpless. I prefer pantsuits or for a sexy look black leggings and long sleeve black tops something with power and dignity. Much much more attractive on a woman if she looks like she knows what she's doing.