Women's Lib and Other Kitchen Table Stories...

As long as i can remember, i was told to be, more then "just a woman". i had to succeed at everything and if i didnt i was inferior to my peers...


As long as i can remember all i have ever wanted was to serve Him and my family. Having the time to care for myself and my loved ones was something i truly wanted to do, but didnt realize it.


i want to have equal rights, in the law.. i want to be offered the same oppurtunities...but..


i want to be a woman.. i want to be proud for being a stay at home home.. i want to be proud for bringing Him coffee in bed everymornign... i want to feel proud of being sensual...


Perhaps a "50's" wife..wasnt perfect either...but... as we raced towards equality... we forgot who we are...


i am woman... i am to please... and i am proud.

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Be thankful for feminism! You can be a 50s housewife if you so choose, and I can have a very fulfilling career, and she can have both all because of feminism!!!

thank You Mr4<br />
<br />
balance is what i offer and what i seek

Girlflower rock on with your bad self, don't be ashamed of what you want.<br />
Balance is the key, let those who make you feel ashamed choke on their own hypocracy

i do not want to trade my gender for my dignity...

After thousands of years of unequal opportunity, mere legislative equality needs an assist at first.

Saratoga my dear you are 10 years away from all your dreams coming true.<br />
By 2020 women will hold 75% of advanced degrees and lead by nearly 2 to 1 in college degrees. Plus you will surpass men as the leaders of major companies and hold over 50% of the judicial positions.<br />
The trick is getting out of your own way, in the early 1600's american indians could have handily driven out the European invaders but it was the tribal fighting that did them all in.

equal oppurtunity..yes..<br />
<br />
but thats where the equality begins and ends in my opinion

I have total sympathy with you... but I would still like to see women paid the same as men, not 77 cents on the dollar, I would also like to see women accepted as equals in opportunity, not told that some jobs are closed to us, I would also like to see the police take women seriously when we report rape, doctors take us seriously when we report symptoms, and the law be honored by all that our bodies belong to us! As for serving, I love nothing so much as making my Love happy... I yearn to be a mother, but I still want to be taken seriously as a full human being.

flower has nver felt so free... <br />
<br />
since she followed that advice Master SmokeSeek

Be who you most comfortable being with no apologies.

Lovely. i agree with you.