Well, Already Am:)

I think the more we all can embody love of everything, everyone, with a huge spoonful of laughter, is the day we'll all be truly, deeply content and happy. That day is being your own identity of the small 5 -year- old that underneath everything, I am , and you are:)

I sometimes feel like I have NOthing in common with my  ahem, 'adult' self.... serious tones, expressions, the wanting constant material possessions, the striving, Keeping up with the Jones' , the Blahbedy blah blah blah.. I still feel like a 5 year-old-girl , that ultimately wants and yearns to have a wide open field, or a field of flowers to just all day, every day, curiously watch butterflies, ladybugs, clouds, streams.
Jump in the streams, stomp around, stay out in the rain, yell, hug, snuggle more and more...why aren't we doing these things ??? *palm to forehead*..OH yes, we are adults. Have to maintain, have to look forward, have to be strong- I am tired of being strong sometimes, aren't you?? I am tired of looking forward, and not just BEING..and what I REALLY want today, is to embrace that essence - laugh out loud, let it all go, love someone with a simple word, smile, conversation, or embrace..to me that is love.
Velvetlacedream Velvetlacedream
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Did you wear pretty panties and pee you pansies