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I have golfed for years and just can't seem to break bogey golf consistantly
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Well to be completely honest I have been taking a 20mg at 1pm, But I thought I might leave that out as I don't want to give bad advise to anyone..ya know? I know me, is all and with my addictive personality if 30mg's is good then 90mg's must be I am cautious to give advise.<br />
Sorry about the drug addict comment, it was insensitive of me. But so many people use Adderral recreationaly that it kinda bugs me abit...they keep talking about banning Adderral all together in Canada...that F'N scares me. It would be like giveing me arms after having none my whole life..then taking them away again. I would have to re-learn to live like that all over again...not an option, dude.<br />
I was addicted to cocaine for yrs. and went to AA for my alcoholism. Been clean for almost a year and a half. I am sure if I can do it, you can to Amigo I am nothing special. Keep up the good fight my friend. And keep in touch..I love to golf and could stand to use a few lessons! LOL! Although I must say, since I have adopted the "new Steve Stricker swing" I have been losing 7 less balls a game! LOL Now I only lose 2 or I got that going for me, right? LOL!!<br />
TTLY<br />
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Great stuff mann. Wow. It sounds like it is tuff for you. I have been doing the exact opposite of everything u say, no water, lots of coffee taking 15mg's at 8:00 at night and the eating a bunch of xanax to get to sleep. I am going to a Dr. on monday and handing over all my drugs to him, he is an addicinoligist and this is what he does for a living.( I am an addict) and he is going to taper me. he did say to stop the adderrall cold turkey since I have been on it for such a short time. Anyway, I can't imagine what you go through wow..............So sorry to hear that. Why don't you take a second dose like arond 2 or 3? It sounds like it would help you a lot or does it keep you up?

deal!!, I live in Mexico and work as a realtor. so I have lots of time to get the handicap down. Hey, any questions you have about Adderral and I will try to help. My ADD is so f'n bad that I..well I was a mess lets say. It's illegal down here, so I have had no help with the learning curve (1-1/2yrs). REMEMBER THESE FACTS...80% of all people in prison are estimated to suffer from ADD and ADHD. My brains move at hyperspeed compared to most. That's why we are so creative. It's also why we look like we have the penmanship of a four year old, our hands don't move as fast as our brains! Business and anything that is multi tasking (air traffic controlers) especialy, we are good at! WE OFTEN SELF slow down our brains...Alcohol and drugs! We go from being awesome (not for church people) drivers, to the same as everyone else that we were fingering to get past in traffic when we take our medication, normal or like old ladies. LOL!ADVISE, I can give is...Again, NO, NO, NO caffeine! Force yourself to eat. Take Vitaman suppliments if you can, I take 2 centriums a day.TRY and get sleep! I know dude..but try! lol!Adderral works best and HAS LESS side effects when you are well rested. Try (if you can) not to drive, while it's at it's strongest 2 to 5 hrs after the 30mg pill. Try only taking it in the mornings or when it's optimal for you. I am supposed to take 2, 30mg`s a day...All I can say to that is, Yeah right? Try just taking 1 Pill a day, in the morning, the 30mg'r.Try not to take it when you don't need it.Drink LOTS of water 4 to 6litres a day, Adderral is VERY dehydrating.Try and take a natural relaxer in the night to take the jitters off and help you sleep.I took up smoking a bowl of weed (37yrs old, it's a first for me, but a plant beats more drugs) before bed. Dude I swear I had too! LOL.Trust yourself, you know you best!I have heard about people taking 120mgs a day...they are drug addicts!I am an extreme case, I get locked up and rock like an elephant from side to side inbetween my thoughts, which come and go and come and go like butterfly's, that I can't F'N grab...I have no idea how much time can elapse before I catch my thought and break that rocking motion. Then, before I can finnish, (walking to the kitchen for something?) I can lock up again with another thought that comes barging in, before I get to the kitchen! Then I start rocking again...going to the kitchen...going to the couch going to the kitchen nope going to the couch. LOL! nutz.My point is, I can FUNCTION on 30mg's, I start to get "scattered" around 6hrs later, but I am never rocking back and I reading a book, Hell no! But I am not fk'd either.I envy you that you manage to stick with golf and make it to your 50's without checking out..or checking in? I couldn't get past the 3rd hole without losing it, before the meds. LOL!A year ago I was a 28 to a 38 handicap and have golfed since I was 9? I golf (try to) everyday, sometimes twice, but normaly 27 holes. At least 100holes a week sounds honest.Anyway, Looking for answers to Adderall Q's is what got me to EP (nobody answered my Q though) LOL! But the writing has been very therapeutic for me, as I seem to have baggage from this ADD crap. Anyway, keep in touch let me know how you are doing with it. And if you ever find yourself in Mazatlan, I can take you out to a few tracks and save ya some doe!Good luck, N8I ment it, nothing worse than going threw life with a (legitimate!) handicap and get scolded for, "not trying hard enough", "we've seen you do it before, what happened" or "you're just lazy".Go up to a blind guy and tell him to squint..LOL! A def guy and say, "why can't you just strain your ears harder. A paraylized guy and say, I saw you walking last yr, ahh your just lazy"! LMAO! Seriously though, worst of all is you look in the mirror and think the same thing as they believe you don't care, or that your a day dreamer or your lazy? I am not a whinner, try not to be, but I just got sick of everyone beating me up for it, sick of beating up myself for it.

Dude you help me with theadderrall<br />
and I will help you with the golf, lol. I have been 4-6 handicap for the last 25 years. I am 52 now. I have no idea about your playing or practicing habits but the only way you can get your handicap down there is play a llot. Like minimum 4 days a week. That is how I did it. If I take a week or two off I will baloon and shoot an 85 or something. All about feel my man and the way you develop that is by playing and practicing