I'm A Baby Again

Ever since I was nine, I wished I could be a baby again so I could wear diapers. Then the baby desires went away for a while and then I got back into it again. I started out with getting two pacifiers and then when I was 18, I got myself a baby bottle. I would enjoy sleeping with a pacifier and I would use it at the computer or when I watch TV. I have been caught with it several times by my family but they didn't care. of course mom had asked me if we should throw it away and I always said no. I have been caught with my bottle too.

I have never been a full baby and I have no desire for a nursery but I would like a crib but it's not possible. All I have is my adult baby clothes and my sippy cups and I still have my other baby items but I prefer to be changed and diapered and be given a sippy cup and I love being my husband's little girl. Right now I am wearing my AB pajamas as I type this.

I no longer use pacifiers or bottles as I have lost interest in them and playing with the toys too. Now I am happy being in diapers 24/7 and using sippy cups when I have juice and cudding with my dad (husband). I also love it when he calls me little girl or baby girl and he even gave me a Easter basket this year. I had not had a basket since I was 19 or 20. My parents got my husband and I a basket too with stuff in it for us and for our son. It was just something they did for their adult kids and their family, my brother and I. but sadly we have misplaced the Pillow Pet they got our boy. Hopefully it will show up.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

I'm so Glad u Love ur "Daddy" (Husband) cuddling u & calling u his "Little Baby girl"

I'd give anything to do that.

Love it