Times I Wore Diapers Again Turned Me Back To Them

I have a disorder known in medical terms as Neurofibromatosis or NF, this caused delayed learning and motor skills problems, as such I was nearing my 4th birthday before I was out of diapers 24/7, but still diapered at night until I was 6, when I was 9 I was having accidents at school because the special ed class had on restroom, my teacher Mrs Jones myself and my mom, talked and mom and mrs Jones said it might be better if I worn diapers (pampers) at school, at this time there no pull ups,so this is how it started, than one day the bathroom was being used and I had to poop, I told Mrs Jones that could not hold it much longer, she said try but if I had an accident there was the center were her and her aid changed the the diapers of the special students that still wore diapers, I tried but the poop came out 10 minutes later, and it felt nice, and burned out light was now shinning again I remembered my true diaper days, and wanted them as long as I could have them, as such there was now a lot of purposedents in my pants at home even so I was wearing Diapers pretty much all the time at home and school until I was 13--than I found I liked Girls more so I worked hard at retraining now at 46 the NF has caused tumors in around my bladder and I now have to wear diapers again, good thing is my wife turely took our vows to heart "for better or worse in Sickness and Health.."
Jan 9, 2013