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Ever since I was a baby, I've been Abused by 2 western narcissistic egocentrics.
As a baby, I was forced to sleep on the floor where I could easily get trampled, not safe in my crib & certainly not in their bed where I'd most likely feel safest. As a child I'd get spanked and yelled at if I did something I found fun. I was so scared when they did that I'd just stand there, shaking. I was scared to do/say anything at all. Their son hit me over the head with a golf club and could've killed me. My wish ever since that day is: They Divorced, their son was locked into Juvenile Hall, and I was taken into Protective Custody and given a complete Identity Change: Natural hair, eye & skin colors, name, gender, all the way down to DNA and Blood type if possible. As a teenager, they made me do Push-Ups if I ever had a Bad day. Now all they ever talk about is this so-called Business they plan on giving to me when they die. I'm so depressed over all this, and other issues, (Friends never contact me, news media, being unemployed, single, and childless,) I just wish I could b a baby again & live in a Hospital Nursery Cribwhere the nurses will Love, Care for, & tend to me. Is there any way at ball I can make this dream a Reality??
WhiteLegoNinja WhiteLegoNinja
16-17, T
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

An auntie would work just as well.