Yay! Im the Creator of a Group!

anyway, i dont even know y im doing this. i mean y would anyone be interested in this topic, im obviously the only person who wants to be a ballerina since i created this topic. outside of 5 and 6 yr olds since their not actually allowed to use this site...

ballerina, thats right! im being pressured to chose my career now and i really have no idea what i want to do. i know i want to perform and i adore ballet so it seems logical that i would be a ballerina. trouble is, im not really that good at it. i mean, i did my ballet exam a few weeks ago and im not sure how i went, i dont think i did very well...maybe thats just me? hopefully...

anyway, this post is nothing but strange ramblings about dance and such. no-ones going to read it anyway....i do say "anyway" a lot don't i?


thats all i have to say right now


theblackestcat theblackestcat
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Hey, I hope your exam went well! <br />
<br />
And I think there is nothing more important than our dreams. Whether we achieve them or not is almost immaterial - it is the path we take towards what we want most that leads us closer to being happy and fulfilled :)