Despite The Triteness

I know a lot of people are going to get the wrong idea about me joining this group.  But I want to make it clear that I'm not some Twi-hard, though I suppose I don't have anything against them, per se.  But like most people who have been fans of gothic fantasy since before it was cool, popular or even "acceptable," I suppose I tend to be disdainful to the new image of the soft, cuddly and ever-so-tormented vampire who you could nonetheless take home to meet the folks. 

Then I reconsidered for a moment -  and thought about a certain vampire I used to be....well, sort of.  So I guess this is the story of a story.  First, I suppose I have to set the stage....

Yahoo! chat was just getting popular and free-form, text-based role-playing was common.  I won't go into the specifics here.  It was extremely complicated and eventually evolved into its own weird society.  Among my many characters, I had a few favorites.  Though I couldn't pull it off all the time, I enjoyed the challenge of playing convincing villains (though it's much more psychologically exhausting trying to wear a psycho's shoes....not to mention, I kinda felt bad when I killed other people's characters, because I knew how much work I put into mine...and I was always seriously annoyed when one of my mains got killed.  That only happened a couple of times though...and of course, my characters usually had ...resources in place in case of such eventualities.  Heh.  Always donate to your neighborhood cleric.) 

Anyways, one of my favorite characters was a vampire named Zaida (based on the WhiteWolf game Vampire: the Masquerade - no, I never did any LARPing).  And right now...I really wouldn't mind if I could really trade places with her.  Born to a family traditionally raised into the Hashashin, she was Embraced in the late 19th century in Marakesh.  Living in the shadows, blending in with the Kine, was second-nature before she awoke as a member of the LaSombra clan.  That's all I really remember about her...but I wish I could step out of the world like that and feed off the cattle like they deserve. 
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I have found being what you are and having the know how you can do anything you want regardless of consequences. Learn to have fun in the begining because it has to end sometime. hahahahaahhahahaha