I Know The Chances Are Remote But Hey One Can Wish And Hope.

I have been longing to be female for so long that I may not have the chance to be the beautiful girl I could have been had I become female in my teens or twenties.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

You are never too old...judging by your picture here, you are already a beautiful lady. On this site is a story of a woman who did MTF SRS surgery when she was 82 years old. If you truly want it, go for it. Be the person you want to be. I am 63 and know I will soon start hormone therapy and when the time comes, MTF SRS.

Our time will come and I have no regrets but there was always the battle that started in my late teens and had gone on so long I grow weary of the battles and small victories and myriad of defeats. But for every defeat I take a step and plant my feet even deeper into the battles I fight.