Would I Really Want To Be A Woman? In One Word, Yes!

In an instant, including pregnancy.

I realize there can be negative consequences it has now (losing any chance of a good job, losing most family and friends and being left in the dust, scorned by the public consistently). But I would do it.

The biggest hurdle is cost. How do I pay for the surgeries, the hormone replacement therapy for life, the counseling/psychiatrist to even begin. Not to mention the cost of changing all my past records.

As long as I can remember, I always had feminine desires. I always wanted to dress as a girl and do girlie things. I always wanted to be caressed by a man. I always wanted to nurture my children and yes even take care of a home.

I understand the complexities in being a woman. Living full time trying to find/keep a job. Looking perfect when you leave your house and so many other little things. Also just having a very bad day. Well, just me maybe.

I would put up with cramps and bleeding every month, having babies, being discriminated against in the workplace, other female physical problems, harassment, etc. Because being a woman is inside of me. There are things that males have to put with also. So I could certainly deal with the things women have to put up with.

I have thought about transitioning, and in addition to the I want to pass as a woman or at least blend into society. I don't want to always be questioned about my gender. Cliche, as it sounds, I know I really 'am' a woman and I would want everyone else to see and understand that.

I am a female, Working on the outside now. I do know that being a woman is not about glamour and being beautiful all the time. I finally came to terms with how I feel and have learned to live with it. I accept that some days I am, some days I'm not ... the woman I want to be.

I have the commitment to change on the outside so I will just be who I am and accept that the person in the mirror is close to who I am inside, even though the reflection is not always who I want to see or who I really see.

Absolutely I want to be a total and complete woman. No second thoughts. In my mind and my heart, I am a woman and I love it.

Yes I want to be a woman, I know it is not all roses, but I would be the woman that I was meant to be.



"I’m pretty, but I’m not beautiful. I sin but I’m not the devil. I’m good but I’m not an angel." ~ Marilyn Monroe


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This is a subject I absolutelly love to discuss. I'm pretty much in the same situation. What I chose to do was to become a very effeminated man. I have let my hair grow long and tie it into a pony or a bun with a pink ribbon, I remove my body hair so my skin is smooth, I shave my facial hair every other day, I wear eyelinerm eyeshadow and lipstick and dress very brightly with a lot of pink and purple. I also wear fake nails, wear open toed footwear in summer to display my painted toenails and pretty much act as girlie as possible. At least some people will treat you like a female, and you could get a very manly boyfriend that would also make you feel feminine. Those would be the first steps, and from here you might find a way to advance even further. Keep your head up and be proud of your feminity.

I am 18teen years old and any chance I get I always put panties and bras on. I feel more comfortable with the way I am when I wear them. I feel like I should be a woman and I don't want to tell anyone why. I feel comfortable telling you guys because you all feel the same. I am still interested in women but I want to be one of them and have a wife and wife situation going on.

Thank you all for sharing. I feel the same way as a lot of you. I have always wanted to be a woman ever since I was young. Too many issues keep me from transitioning but if I could do it without hurting my family I would. So, I try and live the best I can realizing I am a woman in a man's body. I am now exclusively buying women's clothing. It all looks like mens clothes but they are womens. I wear womens underwear and socks, pants (which fit me 100x better than any mens pants), shirts, sweaters, etc. I shave my legs and wear make up every day. Just some powder foundation and a little blush. Nothing that anyone would notice but it lets me feel like a woman. Finding blouses that don't look like a womans blouse is pretty tough. I only have two so far but I keep looking all the time so I will have a complete womans wardrobe at some time. I wear skirts at home when I get the chance which makes me very very happy. That is probably the only time I feel totally relaxed, which makes me more convinced that I am a woman inside.

Very well said.that is exactly the way I feel.great story.oxox

I understand exactly what you mean. If I had one wish. . .it would be to become a woman. My desire for this has been deeply hidden because my biological family would reject me and I care for them so much. Although, If I ever won the lottery or came across a few million dollars, I would take the chance and get the extensive surgery. <br />
<br />
I want to be a woman so badly that it haunts my dreams. <br />
<br />
The strangest thing is that I'm not attracted to men. I cover and hide my actions so that I seem masculine, though I FEEL extraordinarily feminine. I just want to get the body modifications, grow my hair to my shoulders, put on a dress, have all the hair removed from my body and LIVE. <br />
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I often get depressed thinking that I will never be able to become who I really feel that I am inside. <br />
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And thank you for your post, it gave me a chance to vent myself out of negative feelings.

if we only knew then what we know now how wonderful would life would be

Your writing is awsome... I am begining to understand my feelings right now and am not afraid anymore on becomen a 100% woman at age 30. Even when I decided I am not gonna do any special treatment or surgery, I have began to live the life of a woman in and out... The books I read, the time I spend with myself, my clothes, the way I have sex with myself and other women (while I am open to date men, I found myself much more atracted to women), I have also told all my family about it and they are very open and comprehensive... I also see significant changes in my body and I found heterosexual men confused, and very sexually atracted to me as well.

You said well, its hard. Hard to live as "middle sex"... Because our situation is the hardest, I think. We are misunderstood group... My ex asked Are you want to be a woman?? In one was it was a hard question... for me definitely. I'm not a man and not a woman... I can't be man but sometimes I have a few masculine acts too... I'm really on the middle, and this is the worst. I hate mans clothes and wear female clothes much as possible... So I think better to be woman or man, but being in the middle is sucks.... So, yes I want to be a beautiful woman, because its closer to me.... I getting be far from masculinity..