I Am Trying

I am not perect but i would like to be a better christan
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
5 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I like that Paul in Philippians said that he had 'learnt' to be contented. It's good to know that even he had to learn it and I think it gives hope for us all. It's a process but, as long as we stick with it, God sees and recognises our true effort.<br />
So keep on trying lunnas..that's all we can do.

me 2 some times thanks for all your kind coments

that you robert for your kind words<br />
thank you browneyes , that s all i know i can do is be me the best i can do is do my best<br />
to be a good christan . god knows our hearts .

No one is perfect I am trying to be a better christian I feel that's the route I want to take. Its a daily struggle being a christian isn't easy but its worth it.

God know's what is in our heart's. I am glad in a way that you and I are not perfect, where would we go to church ?