I Was Fooled...

I've been a chrisitan since the day I was born. I was pracitically born into the church. I come from a very religious family and God is all I know. As I grew a little older, I kind of strayed away from the church. Stopped going on sundays, didn't even look at the bible, dropped out of the choir...everything. I didn't become a bad girl or anything like but I just stopped going. When I reached the 8th grade, I met my current best friend. She came from a super religious family too and I was happy to have a positive friend in my life. But her chrisitian ideals were sort of a anti-gay, if ur not a christian ur going to hell, ect. I'm ashamed to say that her beliefs fell on me. I hated gays and I didn't like them at all for any reason. But then I went back to church and I talked to a religious leader and I learned that god doesn't hate anyone. I was suppossed to love these ppl. Not hate them. At the end of the day, god judges them just like everybody else. We're all sinners. So now I'm older and I'm wiser. I don't hate gays, I'm developing a universal love for everyone like Christ. I want to be a better Christian. I need to learn to stop listening to false teachings and just pick up a bible and read it.  

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@ eternalhope- thank you for your opinion on the matter. I feel the same as you do...I don't know what his judgement is on a lot of things so that's why I keep an open mind and heart :D

I think you have made the biggest discovery that you can't function very well without God. I'm glad you are going back to him. <br />
Yes, all the answers you need are in the Bible and IMO, he talks very personally to each of us.<br />
Personally, I'm not sure what God's stand on homosexuality is..all I know is that, it's up to him.<br />
I am just to live here, do my best and help people as best as I can without judging them.

Awww...I'm glad I could help. I was the same way too. Once I hit 13, my parents stopped making me go so I slept in. But then I realized that I couldn't do relatively anything well in my life w/out God. But it's good that u can go from hating everything religious to trying to be a christian. That's good :D

Thats very good of you to believe in what god says,not your friend.Maybe i will start going to church more with my mom and dad and sister.I usually stay home and sleep in and haven't gone to church for 3 years.The only time I used to go was christmas and easter but only because my mom and dad made me.I didn't like going to chruch because everyone there acted weird and emotional there are more reasons but I won't get into details.You have inspired me to go back to chruch.I will go for the first time in there years this sunday.<br />
P.S.I hated anything religous.