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I want to be a better christian myself. This is very important to me. Sometimes I am really into Gods word reading my bible. Then I stop for awhile. My goal is to stay in my bible everyday. I want to strive for the best to the mark. Because of things that I have gone through and the changes that I have made already thank God I want to be better and want to do better. For awhile even when I was into my word I was taking my time reading and understanding but it seemed like the word was getting sown into my spirit. I read something and then mess up again and again. I am tired of the same ole same ole. Lets do this. We have such a mark on us from the world that if we  do what we say they will see God in us and be like wow I want what she has. We will lets support each other in doing this. I can do all things through Christ.
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I am not trying to do this on my own. I can't do anything on my own. Only God can. I pray and ask God and talk with Him about everything. I can't breathe walk or talk or cook or drive without Him. Only Him the Holy Spirit my Lord can do it. I just have to continue on obeying and making my choices to do what He would do or what He would want me to do. To keep in His word and to make sure that it stays in my heart.

We cannot live the christian life on our own strength. We have to depend on the Lord through his Holy Spirit to give us the grace, power and strength to do it each day. It sounds like you are trying to do it on your own strength. Ask the Lord each day to show you how to do this. We get power and strength through pray and meditating on God's words.

I am getting closer and closer to be the woman of God that my father wants me to be. It feels good. It can be challenging to be Christlike. But it is very rewarding. Stay in your word. Does that really help. I have been reading also Becoming a person of Character by Andy Stanley Pathways to Purpose for women by Katie Brazelton Life Overflowing by T.D. Jakes Wisdom for Crisis Times by Mike Murdock

iamchanging Im so happy that you can see christiananity in such a beautiful way. Unfortunately others won't. I hope you practice what you preach in your church. I will never be able to change my belief. But I have found some light in the christian community, somewhere. My experience with them have never been so great. I was hurt; although i don't believe, i know what a a good christian should be. She was my grandmother she was just like yourself. She never tried to convert me or change my mind. she understood me and she understood herself. After she was gone, I began to see them in a whole knew light. It really sadden me. I was at a buss stop and a lady came up to me with a pan flit of her church, christian. The first thing she asked was if i went to church, i said no. Then i told her very politely that i didn't believe in god, and that i was gay. She immediately got herself up from the seat and walked away. That was the day i decided that someone had to do something about this bias breed of christians. I arrived at a friends church where i spoke to the pastor about my concern in the community; my intentions were to speak to the congregation about the way they handled being gay and the "non-believers". The pastor didn't let me get two words in after i said i was gay and wanted to speak to the congregation about it. I don't have anything against them why would they hate me? I asked myself this a long time ago. hypocrite is right. This new generation of christians have more bias views than ever. I will always stand by my views on life. I hope you will too :)

Thank you Thefizzo20

Being a Christian is being Christ like. Christ was the perfect example because he did not sin. He went into the temples to teach the jews and the pharisses. Christ told us to love one another. Even thoughs who do not believe in God. God loves us all. We the people are the church. Were we worship is the sanctuary which goes back to Exodus where God gave Moses instruction how to build it. We are Gods temple. Our body. We are to do the work that we were ordained to do. We as christians are not to judge and are not to try to force anyone. God does not do that. He gave us choices. Because He knows what is in our hearts. That's just like someone is trying real hard to get you to go to the market. You don't want to go. You want to chill out at home. They keep on coming to you trying to convince you to go. Then you go. You are not going because you had a change of heart. You went because someone kept coming to you. God does not want that. That would be fake. Eventually being a hyprocrite. Me I do believe. Why? Because He saved my life. Not just giving His only begotten son who died on the cross for all of our sins. But from myself. He has made me a better person. That is my choice. I want to. I don't judge anyone. We only have one judge. I don't get upset if someone does not agree with me. People sometimes wonder about me because of how I handle myself in certain situations. So the unbeliever because interested. Or they See the anointing that God has blessed me with. So they start asking questions. Sometimes God doesn't lead me to say certain things so I keep my mouth closed. It may be for someone else to tell them certain things. I read my bible because it is an instruction book. Now what I get is to love everyone. Even thoughs who do me wrong. To forgive thoughs who have done me wrong. To pray more for everyone even for my enemies. To talk more to God which we are supposed to do anyway. To live a righteous life to be honest to help those in needs. See it is not about me. It is about me being a person with great character and integrity. To work on myself and ask God to help me to work on my weaknesses which can be cancers in relationships. To help the poor. sick shut in. widows and our youth. To be a blessing to others. To learn in a mature way to handle all situations whether difficult or not. To have faith. Because without faith you cannot please Him. To be a servant even though He said I know longer call you servant but a friend because you are doing the will of my Father. Using my gifts to enhance the kingdom. Being part of the body of Christ. Not to be conformed to this world but the renewel of His Spirit. To be kind and gentle to use my authority. But at the same time we will go through trials and tribulations but these we are to be joyful because it works on our perserverance, patience, character. Being int he fire taking out of me that doesn't belong and putting in me that does. The Holy Spirit. Love, longsuffering, patience forgiveness, meekness, humble. It is very hard. But I want to do this. If it will help me, family and people out in the world and me not doing wicked.

I'm glad to see someone gets what I'm trying to say. You're probably the only one who has ever gotten it. As for me, just because I don't believe in god doesn't mean I'm not happy, in fact I'm as happy as I ever could be.

@iamchanging - I think we all go through phases. We read intensely and when we back slide those words stay in our hearts and sustain us till we go back.<br />
God recognises our effort...I just wish I could be more worthy of His love. More reading!<br />
<br />
@Frank - What does it mean to be a Christian? Simple answer, to be like Christ. I haven't read of Jesus joining a church or group for glory. In fact, he shunned it. So if you see such people, they mean well, they are furthering God'd purpose but, they have missed the point somewhere.<br />
<br />
To you - if you don't believe...well, you don't believe! To me, that's the saddest thing that could happen. To live without a belief in God is akin to death for me.

LOL okay you did. I only ask because some, most people in my experience have reacted negatively and or tried to "convert" me. It doesn't bother me as much as it did before. I know i sounded frustrated on that last comment. I was. You didn't even acknowledged what i said. Just gave me a part of the bible to read. I just really want to discuss what it means to be a christian to you?

That was completely irrelevant to what i asked and said. where we came from or why isn't important to me.

Well I don't believe in god. But I've been reading a lot of stories and I'm sadden by what I read. Over half the people here say or do things in the name of god. They change themselves because of god, for the better and that's great. But if you do something to gain a title such as "a good christian" title and doing say community work for said title, well that doesn't you better all. As far as my question goes, I was just wondering. :)

Hello there. I'm Frank, may I ask. What do you think if someone doesn't believe in god?