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Dragging My Heart Towards Calvary

They say the 18 inches that separate your heart from your head can seem like miles as long as you try, as I do to think yourself a Christian without following the discipline Christ gave us! I know a lot about God's story in His chronicle but jy life choices show me stepping in dung, trying to keep others from smelling my missteps! Poor little tyke. My britches are too big for me, it appears. Why do I want to please GOD? He not only picks me up when I;ve asmitted stumbling, He even forgives me more than I do myself! Praise His holy name.
dorobo dorobo 70+, M 3 Responses Mar 10, 2008

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Hello my friend, We all fall short of the glory of God. Like u said, he forgives as soon as we ask. He loves u sooo much!! There was a time I struggled with perfectionism and one day thru another lady God gave me a message loud and clear. He said to me, "who do you think you are to think you caN BE SO PERFECT ANYWAY. iF YOU WERE PERFECT, YOU WOULDN'T NEED ME." wHEN i GOT A HOLD OF THAT SOMETHING CHANGED AND I STOPPED BEING SO HARD ON MYSELF. sO MY FRIEND, YOU LOVE THE lORD AND AS LONG AS U DO UR BEST EACH DAY TO BE LIKE HIM THEN YOU ARE GOOD TO GO. yOU ARE A CHILD OF THE KING. tHE ENEMY OF OUR SOUL LOVES FOR US TO LISTEN TO HIS LIES. tELL HIM TO GO AWAY IN jESUS NAME CAUSE HE ;S NOT WELCOME HERE ANYMORE. gOD BLESS U MY FRIEND XOXO KEEP THE FAITH. TRUST GOD AND LEAVE ALL CONSEQUENCES TO HIM!! FROM MY HEART TO YOURS OXOX

I'm sure glad that He understands and forgives and He does forget our sins. We are such flawed people!

that is the best part...we can never ever give back what He did. No matter how hard we try we will fail - but he forgives us always. He understands.