Its the Little Things You Say and Do

We live in a world where people no longer call sin SINFUL.  I see so many wrongs that are covered by the casual look of the New Age.  Like obsenities are now referred to as 'industrial language'.  So its normal for someone to have a casual conversation and repeatedly use the four letter f word or *** etc. I call that wrong and the Christian in me says don't give them an ear cos ur encouraging thier sinfulness. 

A few other things that bother me are greed, lust and anger.  I hate being a teacher sometimes because I experience this firsthand everyday.  But as much as I resent it, I actually am thankful that I am in a position to effect change.  Lust is something that I think affects the world more than we can fuel anger and greed.  So when my students at school talk about females in a certain way I get turned off but I remind them that women have a non physical purpose too.

But really sometimes I feel so inadequate as a Christian I feel like I'm not doing enough.  I take solace in the fact that Rome wasn't built in a day. Sometimes I am also at fault and bear sin so I need to change as well bring change.  Only then will I feel I am being a better Christian

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I like your opening sentence.

People don't call sin "sin" anymore, because they've taken on a different "gospel"... everything is ok as long as it's done in love. Well, by "love" I'm thinking that it means "God's Love", and doesn't refer to the love that the world is or brings. Always two sides to every coin, one is true (headed in the right direction)... and one will leave you chasing your "tails". If you don't believe me, spend 10 years doing only what you want, and see where your'e at in 10 years.

I recently read a book that I think could turn ur prospective on God and actually being more "christ like" which is what I think most christians believe is the purpose in life. It is called the shack by william p young, I strongly recommend this book. Before reading it I believed that was the purpose also but now I see its about your relationship with God and people not just doing good deeds or becoming more "christ like". I no longer call myself a christian but instead a believer as I believe in God and strive to have a better relationship with God daily

I will always desire to be more Christ-like in all that I do. Being a better Christian starts from within. Christ stated it so simply..."Love one another as I have loved you." In Hebrews it is said..."But to do good and to distribute, forget not; for with such sacrifices God is well pleased." Being, or becoming "a better Christian" takes so little a sacrifice, so little effort on our part. Kindness and sincerity, loving your brothers and sisters...your fellow human beings, creates so much happiness with so little effort, that I just don't understand why so many, many people in this world are so upset, so angry with so many, many other people in this world. It certainly would be a much nicer world, a much better world to live in if we could all get along. Unfortunately, history documents that one's religious beliefs can be so very unsettling to another. Having said so, and to paraphrase... let there be peace and let it begin with me. Remember, God wants you to succeed. God will never give you a challenge you cannot overcome. Pray regularly. Know that the Lord is with you always. Know that you are loved by Him, and me, and that that love can easily be shared with all whom you meet. May God always bless you, Emerald. Amen.

It's funny because our father at the Anglican boarding school I went to encouraged us to explore our lust with other guys our age...he also admitted ************ himself. <br />
No wonder his employment ended the year after I left that school. He was a real weirdo...<br />
<br />
Anyway, I think people can do these things themselves if they have the focus, but a good teacher helps as well...My biology teacher was great, he cleaned up the last few people in my year who had faith...its pretty hard to say no to evolution when the evidence is so clear.

Alot of the sins you listed here can actually be boiled down to "self-restraint ". It doesn't take a Christian to do these things. Unfortunately, people who aren't religious, or don't want to use self-restraint tie it all in to God and poo-poo the idea. That's why more people are obese, sick, full of addictions, kill for pleasure or passion, feed off the gov't., and carry diseases such as AIDS, HEP., STDS,ect. EVERYONE could benifit from a bit of self-restraint. I like the points you made. And I applaude the sinserity in your Faith. And you sound like a great teacher! Your students are lucky to have a stable, sound instructor like you. You prob. have more influence than you even realize. Keep up the good work!