Youth Group Help!

Hey everyone! I actually just joined this group because I thought it would be perfect for me to get some help! I'm currently a senior in high school which, at my church, means this is my last year to be in youth group. One thing that I've been noticing is the lack of excitement and even attendance to the youth group. It's really been on my mind lately because I don't want the youth group that completely changed my life to go down the drain after many other seniors like myself leave. I'd love to her any ideas that people have to help get my youth group pumped up. And seriously anyyy idea will be appreciated.. Thank you so much!(:
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Maybe you could get the youth group involved by having them do little Bible skits or plays from events that took place in the Bible, you may even do it in a comical way. It may sounds cheesy at first. But hey, people are more visual than they are reading-wise, listening,ect. What I'm trying to say is, we learn best through seeing.<br />
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Hope this helped. God Bless you!