Matthew 12:45 This Is A Question More Ever Than A Story.

Are there demons? If so what what will they do to a human?

So, lets say demonic possession is real as well as the demons. In Matthew 12:45 explains Jesus casting out a demon it to pigs, But it goes on to say that if can not find another place to host it will come back with seven more that are even worse. I know this not verbatim.

I would really like if someone can help with the above two questions and one other. Can one have more than one demon in them before one has been cast out? I; most important for me to understand is what a demon or unclean spirit can do to someone? Such as common symptoms, behavior things of that nature. I struggle with my faith and I feel if I understand these question it will help me.
corbin00 corbin00
31-35, M
May 6, 2012