A Simple Man

Christ was a simple man. He wore plain garments made from linen. He ate simple food from a clay plate and drank water from an earthen cup, not from a gold or silver chalice. He slept on a simple mat inside an adobe house. He wore sandals made from sheep skin or goat skin. I would not be surprised if he walked barefoot.

A church is not a building it only takes two to make one. It is not a temple made from stone or glass but the gathering of those who share a meal and tell stories of his life. He turned the tables of the money changers yet look at the riches of Rome or the Patriarch of Constantinople. Those who choose simplicity come closer to him. All the doctrines and rationalization of him betray this simple man. Long after the stone churches have turned to dust he will be with us forever.
TutmoseIII TutmoseIII
66-70, M
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