Trapped In ****

Trapped In ****
Posted on May 15, 2012 by Eternal Life Blog

[Comment Related To Eternal Life] I was saved around the age of 11. I followed the Lord for a couple years. But then my family moved to a different town, and we ended up at a less biblical church. I switched from a private Christian school to a public school around that time also. I slowly fell into sexual sin (****) and lost closeness with the Lord. I never regained that closeness as I was still trapped in ****. In my 20′s I went to college, and began having premarital sex with many women. I still read my bible a little almost every other day. I also began listening to sermons on my ipod. Little by little I was desiring to return to following Jesus. I listened to this one sermon about choosing life or death. That night the Lord was pressing hard on my heart as I was at the bar. I pushed out the thoughts of choosing life and death, and decided to fornicate with a married woman. After that I still wanted to turn to Christ before it became to late. I became afraid that one day it would be to late for me to turn back to Christ. I then ran across Heb 6 and Heb 10. It terrifies me to think my repentance will not be accepted by God. It has been 4 weeks and I have turned from all my sins and am serving the Lord the best I know how. I still have times of terror where I think it may be to late for me. Maybe I’m only experiencing false repentance.

[Bible Answer] We are glad you found us. We can help you, but you must listen carefully. Since you have turned from all your sins and are serving the Lord the best you know, that is true repentance. Since God took the Prodigal Son back, why would you think he would not take you back too? He was in wild living, including being with prostitutes! Please read Luke 15:11-32. He didn’t sin too much with his immorality! God was HAPPY TO HAVE HIM BACK! In fact, there was a celebration because he came back, according to the Lord Jesus. You are NO different. You are like that Prodigal Son, who has turned from the sins which were dragging you to hell. That was very wise!

NOTE: Heb. 6:4-6 and Heb. 10:26,27 are both referring to people who committed eternal sin or unforgivable sin. The Prodigal was different. You are different. You did NOT commit eternal sin. THE DEVIL IS TORTURING YOUR MIND. This is very common with people who backslide. False repentance is something different from what you did.

Here is more related information on what a real Christian is. Please read it carefully. Also, as a new Christian (even though you were previously saved) the following information about spiritual safeguards is very important for you. Remember: You are battling for eternity and eternal life. Take resisting sin and living holy most serious for it is. GOD BLESS YOU.****/
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May 20, 2012