Life Is Chalk Full Of Challenges.

This is hard, I hate talking about my medical challenges.

I'm diabetic, happened at age 17

I've had kindney failure 
   I had a pancreas/kidney transplant
      My kidney lasted 1.5 to 2 years
   I had a secong kidney transplant and it's been great, 11 years and going
       My pancreas transplant lasted 13 years and I'm back on the needle.

my vision is bad from diabetes and I lost my natural lenses and    
  wear a strong perscrition but they've been stable.  I can't drive or read a newspaper.  But I have a kindle and am enjoying reading again with the large print.

Other little bumps here and there but feeling great.

No whining, just facts, glad that's over with.

Beatresca Beatresca
56-60, F
3 Responses May 30, 2012

I didn't know all of that and you have been through so much. You are a great inecentive to so many and a truly wonderful Christian. My prayers are with you always. Life is full of challenges and some handle them better than others. You are one of the latter and always uplifting to others even throughout your own ordeals. You are a true gift to those who have had contact with you and those in need. Thank you for sharing that. It is heartfelt, heart warming and inspirational.

Wow i didn't even know they could do pancreas transplants!