Young Mother And Wife.

I would like to be a better Christian but a lot of people do not like me as I am clever, good looking and live in a big house in the North of England, I am a London girl and find it hard to fit in the North of England , I have been up North for five years now.
But some Christians are not friendly towards me at Church. How do I win them over.
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Jesus said to love people without expecting anything in return. It is very frustrating dealing with people this way. But it is amazing what you will learn about Jesus and His perspective.

Be kind and loving and go the extra mile for them.

They are probably envious of you, or maybe they think that you will not be approachable. Attend Church events and let it be seen that you are warm and friendly; don`t try to hard though, just be yourself and smile.

Well said

Interesting story... Seeing as you claim to be a Sheffield girl, born and bred in another story.

You are a young Mother, Married to the Vicar, you stay strong and ignore the bigots.<br />
I wish you well.

It would seem that is their problem. I don't want to sound rude but I discovered when I decided I no longer cared what others thought of me and just went about my business my life got a lot easier. I also found in doing this that I attracted people to me people that were more shall we say honestly interested in me for who I really was.<br />
If it means anything you won me over, you have a friend in the United States<br />
God Bless

Chill out, they are not used to posh bird like you up North.<br />
Give it time and they will love you.

It takes longer than that, just crack on with life and serve in the way that you are called to.

I will admit I know little about English culture (being from the States and having only visited once), but having a lot of years in the "church culture" and ministry experience, I think I can say that people in church aren't that different wherever I go. I've always found that there were some people who liked me, and there were some people who didn't like me, and there were relatively few who remained open to change their views at any given time. <br />
<br />
<br />
IF, however, you have any chance of "winning them over," it will be because you are your authentic self. You are a lovely young woman, you appear to genuinely love your husband and children, just in the few messages and posts we've exchanged you've come across as a caring and generous person, and most of all, from what I know you have a sincere faith in the Lord Jesus. Keep those things as your priorities, rather than trying to please any particular person or group of people -- and you will be fine. As encouragement, you might remember the words of St. Paul: "For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ" (Galatians 1:10).<br />
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Blessings,<br />
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very well said

Hi<br />
Love 'em 'till they love you back. <br />
That of course is very easy to say and much less easy to do. I am a northern man, steeped in church life - don't ask - and I get really annoyed by many of my north country fellows stereotyping anyone who comes from outside their town or village. But, it is also easy for you to think people do not like you, when in fact they might just be shy or a little in awe of a young vicar's wife. <br />
If you are doing the best that you can you have no need to reproach yourself - remember what God told Paul when he was feeling a bit out of sorts - "my grace is sufficient for you when you are weak I am strong." (ii Corinthians)<br />
Your witness to the faith is probably stronger than you will ever know!<br />
God Bless and do your best

They do not like you and that is that.

Well speaking as a Yorkshire bloke, it's not all down to you as a person. Some people don't like Southerners. Why do you feel you have to win them over?....just be yourself and they will either like you or not, that's how life is.

Quite, I agree