What Did Jesus Actually Mean "love"

Sex at Dawn, the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality.

This books make a rather well documented argument that humans are highly sexual and non-monogamous. We are at the moment the largest penis to body mass with the Bonobo Chimpanzees a close second.In that society, when the female is ovulating and knows she will have an infant, she purposefully goes out and has sex with a large number of males. This way each male is invested in the child. Down to a variation of Hillary Clinton's It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

If you read my stories about a Circle of 12, you will see a core idea of how to step from this paradigm of Fear-Not Enough which is the purview of the current devil-worshiping religions (mainly Christian-Jewish, Muslim, but to a lesser extent Buddhist-Confucius and Hindu all of who separate out the Physical from the Spiritual).In my experience, women who hate sex are women TRAINED to hate sex either by upbringing or abuse. Men who are molesters of young children are taught to be ashamed of sex and in the vast majority are victims of molestation. Rapists as well, ache for sex which is 'forbidden' except inside these terribly narrow confines of some sick church dogma.

People being ashamed to visit a doctor because they might have an STD are a major reason why STDs survive. Shame is the main weapon the church uses against people to keep them under the church’s control.

When women form into Circles of like-minded women and large groups of men as their sexual partners, things nearly always run more smoothly and people are much happier.

I find this does need to be within a 'structure' of sorts in that the groups need to be 'tribal' in size and allow for long-term pair bonding at an emotional level. But give both partners the ability within that group to find partners to fill other social-sexual functions.

I believe this financial meltdown along with the rise of the infrastructure of the internet is paving the way for the Crisis which always precedes a Major Paradigm Shift, which in this case is one to Heavenz on Earth, fueled by Service, Healing & Empathy and is a paradigm of Abundance and inclusion.This paradigm will allow us to be Communist in small scale within our Tribe and Barters in the middle scale to communities which surround us and Capitalist in the large scale to the world.

The fear mongers are always trying to force you into "There is Not Enough and therefore you Only can Have ONE and be very careful because there is not enough and someone wants to take yours." Lack of time, money, resources and especially Love. You must be a Democrat or Republican. Communist or Capitalist and must hate any and everything the other stands for.

You are a Christian or Muslim and the OTHERS are worshiping the Wrong God in the Wrong Way they aren’t “One of Us”!

Biologically a man with two willing women will have a higher level of testosterone than one who has sex with only one woman. In that situation over time both partners lose interest in the other. When women have multiple partners, they become even more sexual and enjoy better overall health and vitality.

Notice the Bible and Koran both have a single sexed male deity and we use the word Pater (father) when speaking of our countries. While traditionally the Earth is seen as the mother, dividing the land in to countries uses Patriot, Patriotism, "Ve are fighting for zee FatherLand". In general under this Only a Father system of religion and government, the Earth-Mother is generally being Raped!

I have lived and traveled all over the world and I find the average person has no interest in going some distance, fighting and dying to gain wealth.

This focus is entirely a function of the Leech-ruling class, who do not ever contribute "Real Goods and Services" to the general population.Governments by their nature are a double negative: they remove producers from the workforce, then they require they be supported (taxes), while creating an ever more complex, large and nego-productive 'government' (Bureaucracy). That government makes for the most part rules which limit humans and creates fear and destruction.

The few rules they do have like against fighting and killing are ingrained within ever person and not truly needed in an organically created and functioning society.

So to each of you, I recommend you find a few "friends" and start to build circles. Let the women's sexuality be the glue and grease which keeps your groups cohesive and at peace.

Let sex be open and joyful.

See the ****** as a function of spirituality and the true rapture and gateway to realizing the One within us all.

See that we as male and female are the Manifestation of that One in the Form of the God and Goddess who forever spin around each other.

Form your Circles of Friends. Let those Circles grow into corporations with women controlling the money, goods and services while men focus on the making-doing and how best to produce the largest number of ******* in their circle of women.

Think ‘organically’ and long-term. This is where women in general are better thinkers.

Men a great at linear problem solving while women tend to be more global and are interested in their children’s children’s welfare.A well ****** woman is never bitchy and the well ****** man has no designs on things 'over there'.
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Sep 25, 2012