Struggling In A World Of Falsehood.

in my life I grew up mormon until I was 16. Around then I was encouraged to study the scriptures, the more I read the more I saw the ugliness around me. I was always taught you had to be perfect even before being baptized. After awhile I realized that I couldnt live up to what they wanted, not only that I couldnt find amywhere where Yeshua says such things. My faith was muddled.and confused.

Since then though Ive become a born again fallower of Christ. Yet I still see do much of the persicution in the church of those.who are different. I wear chains, spikes, grow my hair long in the winter, and I can still get dirty looks no matter my faith. I hope to be a high school history teacher and then a high school youth pastot...yet I dont want my students to be subjected to this.
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I just reakly dont think people are representing Christ welk if they alienate or persicute someone by what they wear. Me as a person, my clothes and my mentality represent me as an indavidual. Should suxh things not be celibrated instead of given dirty looks?

Hello TobiasLupa

Are your chains and spikes and long hair very important to you? Yes they are not central issues of faith but you must understand that just because people believe Jesus that does not mean they are wise. Some are weak in their knowledge and do judge the outer man. But remember they are human beings.

Apart from that It is always wonderful to hear from someone who has come out of a religion of works based bondage. I know what it is like to leave a religion and take the leap of faith, i was born and raised in the catholic religion but came out of it and am not a bible believing follower of the Messiah Jesus. I encourage you to continue to read the Word of God and grow in the knowledge of salvation, May you be meek to the leading of the Holy Spirit always.

Blessings to you.

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