The Mechanics Of Religion.

There is no greater deceit than Satan's perversion of the Holy scripture! He is only second to Eloheim to know the words of the Holy scripture. Satan knows that man is created to seek after his Creator. Why not not give man his God, his Holy Bible, and everything that goes with it and call it religion! Satan wants you to know everything there is to know about Yahweh/Yeshua! Because like Eve, we are all infected with the symptoms and the sickness of sin! It worked on Eve and it will work on her children. We like Eve, lack faith which is trust. Simply trusting the Word of Yahweh is not enough! Simply teaching His Way is not enough. Oh sure, we use the words that we see in the Holy Bible but it is according to man's understanding tainted by the fact that we know what the gods know from want of our ego. Is this not the teaching of the forbidden fruit? We apply our understanding and fault others for not gettting it! Like Eve, Yahweh's Word is as good as our ego! We teach our lacking understanding of the Word to the exclusion of others. What better plan than the confusion created by religion!

Now Satan adds Sunday sabbath, trinity, gays, christains that bash jews, and Torah pounding messianic jews that bash christains and the littany goes on. There might be a quarter of an inch difference between the Truth and these additions but it might as well be the Grand Canyon!

There are family rules in place! Eloheim's Family has a set of House Rules! Not to be disputed by our knowledge but to be followed simply as they are written. The beauty about those Rules is that I am privileged to follow them under the New Covenant instituted by the Death and Blood of Jesus: the Christ. Yeshua knows the intent of my heart. By the Spirit of Holiness, Eloheim knows and records my life in the knowledge of service and trust to Him or be it to my sinful self. Satan leads the called astray with religion. Yeshua leads with the vows of the Marriage Covenant written upon the hearts of the Chosen. The race is not over but I run to be counted at the end of the race as one of the Chosen.

Worry not of the ink on paper or the language that you speak. Yahweh is greater than language pundits and translations and which religion is the right religion! He gave up His Only Begotten Son to Death for -US! Need I say more? Know that He knows who are His sheep and that He is the Good Sheppard! It is His Promise to His Lost! He Loved you first! Love Him back by simply following His House Rules as best you can. Your willingness will be known to the Spirit of Holiness and He will come to teach you. We are called to encourage one another not kick each other for the lack of knowledge or even sin. The Family Trust, the Will of Christ, which includes the Torah is defined by instructions of the New Covenant. Encourage one another under the Grace that we are given abundantly by Eloheim if we follow willingly. The hour is late! Seek out the good oil! Stay strong! Peace! Amen.
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Satan is definitely out and about manipulating, lying etc... we also must never forget that the human mind itself is very very sinful even without Satan attacking. Most of the sinful ways our human minds work can be healed through therapy and asking the Holy Spirit to change us "at whatever cost". Mental illness comes in so many varieties, structures, degrees. Mental illness is not left for the psychopath, the schizophrenic etc. mental illness is defined even as subtle depression or how the mind hurts (when we dont even know it hurts) due to past negative experiences. Christians tend to blame the enemy a lot more than what he is actually out there doing.