Pray For Me

I want to do better..I want to truly be in the will of the Father... I wan to submit to his will for my happy and be a great mom....looking for a church now ...nothing seems to be a good fit...but have to stop with the excuses....I want and desire so much more when it comes to my relationship with HIM...I desire to take the focus off of people, things, etc...I desire to refocus my attention on and towards HIM...I desire his make better be lead by his voice and not my own....pray for me ....
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

listen to youtube joseph prince, its all given to you, hear and take.

All you are trying to do is being perfect, we are human and Jesus knows that we will make mistake so don't get upset if you do something wrong, he is always forgiving us. That doesn't mean we should keep sinning but we should understand that Jesus loves us more than we do to him. You will not enjoy his love if you try to show your love to him by trying to be right because you will always make mistake and feel guilty... focus on love of Jesus, keep boasting his love for you and you will grow in him abundantly... when you remind yourself with love of Jesus for you, you will enjoy your life with people, enjoy everything around you, its for you only...

i m glad you like it, i m thanking god he choose me to tell you this.. God bless you..
I have been through same situation so i know now what to do and i will suggest you that just spend time praying alone.. you don't need to do anything just sit praise him and read word.. thats enough..

I'm moslim and i'll pray for you to find the truth :)

it's good to look for the truth :) try it

<p>Great attitude thecheatedon!

I am praying