Super Christian I'm Not

Often if not always I dont feel like I am even a Christian. Yes, I did receive Jesus and repent of my sins and all that stuff. Yes I do still activedly believe.

However, I am not a SC. Otherwise known as a SuperChristian. These are they which do the following

1. Read their Bible 24/7 and that is the ONLY Book they read.
2. Pray 24/7
3. Fast for at least 30 days once a year.
4. Witness to as many people as they can each day. Extra points if the person gets saved.
5. Never or at least rarely do anything wrong. So holy they would make Mother Teresa look Satanic.
6. Spend 24/7 with God in one room..whether a den or bedroom or wherever.
7. Praise/Worship 24/7
8. Pray on knees 24/7

So all too often I feel that I am less of a Christian or even NOT a Christian because I dont fit any of those above things.

So I realize I will never be a Super Christian.

JesusistheTickler JesusistheTickler
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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Where in the list are the two supreme Christian commandments: Love God with all your soul and love your neighbor as yourself? Your SuperChristians do not sound like they are even human, much less Christian.

For consolation and to escape the feeling of guilt, read the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5:1 to 7:27). Find a book specifically about it and read it. Then read the Ssermon on the Mount again. Then go about the business of living.

super-christians as described sound impossibly--impossible. i would not like them. 'witnessing' and 'saving' have always sounded so very technical to me. how can spirituality be technical and micro-managed? to me; it cannot. i for one am glad i am not one of those people. imperfections and flaws are welcome sounds way more holy and God-like to me. not that other crap. i mean, if someone has to technically mouth the words that they are saved, and then go recruit a bunch more to say the same---i feel they are about as spiritual as a piece of lead.