Super Christian I'm Not

Often if not always I dont feel like I am even a Christian. Yes, I did receive Jesus and repent of my sins and all that stuff. Yes I do still activedly believe.

However, I am not a SC. Otherwise known as a SuperChristian. These are they which do the following

1. Read their Bible 24/7 and that is the ONLY Book they read.
2. Pray 24/7
3. Fast for at least 30 days once a year.
4. Witness to as many people as they can each day. Extra points if the person gets saved.
5. Never or at least rarely do anything wrong. So holy they would make Mother Teresa look Satanic.
6. Spend 24/7 with God in one room..whether a den or bedroom or wherever.
7. Praise/Worship 24/7
8. Pray on knees 24/7

So all too often I feel that I am less of a Christian or even NOT a Christian because I dont fit any of those above things.

So I realize I will never be a Super Christian.

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I am 100% with DJK44

No one is perfect. Humans, by nature, are flawed. That's the whole reason for Grace. We come to him, Flaws and all, and accept the gift He offers.

On the other hand, Jesus did say "Pray without ceasing."

HMMMM lets see..... Peter lost his temper. David committed adultery but was a man "After God's Own Heart" Noah got drunk and ******** off naked. I could go on. The point is that we all have our weaknesses and the "SC" that you mention, I don't know anyone who does all that or even one of those on the list above. We can't ever be "Good Enough" our righteousness is as filthy rags in the sight of God. That is what GRACE is for. The definition of Grace is unmerited favor. We don't earn or deserve the favor but God gives it to us because he loves us.

in my church i was taught that as a christian you will never be perfect or as you call it an SC. i'll never not have room for improvement and thats ok because just trying is enough for Jesus. <br />
secondly, the list you gave, at least from my perspective are a little extreme. everyone has different types of relationships with God. if yours is all those things 24/7 then so be it. but it definitely doesnt have to be. as long as you make sure that you have a relationship with God, your cool.

Hey I too feel that i could be a better christian. Can't we all do better. None of us will ever match up to the Lord Jesus because he is perfect. The bible tells us; All have sinned and come short of the glory of God - As long as we have put our trust in the Lord Jesus christ and have accepted him into our lives then we must rely on him to help us daily. <br />
<br />
I too have done things that i am not proud of and things other christians wouldnt even think about let alone do. I dont read the bible or pray often. I do attend my chapel (Again not often as i should). We need to have fellowship with other christians which i know would possibly make us feel worse seeing what they do. But with their support (and lots of praying!) we could learn to be better christians.

I'm sorry you've had such a bad time. I've also worked for difficult people, and still have some issues with people mistreating me at work, so I know where you are coming from! But hey! This is not God who is treating you bad but other imperfect people. Your Bible will tell you that God's anger is towards judgemental people who lack compassion. Yet as he tells us to forgive those who mistreat us we must remember that His love is greater than ours. If He wants us to forgive these people, surely He will forgive us when we are not perfect, that is why He suffered so much for us. Our enemy the devil condemns us and makes us feel we are not good enough, not God (see Zechariah 3). I don't know if you've ever listened to Joyce Meyer preaching on her website. She, like you was abused as a child, and has worked with God through her own personal struggles. <br />
<br />
By the way, looking at your list of qualities on your original story, I am far from being perfect!

I feel I have to be...I'd get yelled at I remember for making mistakes like one time I accidently spilled a little bit of water out of a watering can and got yelled at like I deliberately poured it out when it was an accident...another time i accidently let an outside cat inside and got yelled at like I did it on purpose and was told that I had let the "whole county of cats" inside. Oh, another time I got yelled at cause I didnt load the dishwasher a certain way. I could go on but the whole point is that I make mistakes and got yelled at like I committed horrible crimes. So I learned real quick to never make mistakes and that they arent allowed and that i should be perfect...never make mistakes or do anything wrong. <br />
<br />
Here's an example<br />
<br />
I put the dishes in wrong and this person would come along and notice it wasnt done her way. So she get all mad and have a fit and growl things like, "Just let me do it!" and "Damn it! I have to do every ******* thing around here!" <br />
<br />
One time wanted help with fish tanks some weird refill and empty thing. She never took the time to explain what she was doing or wanted me to do. But asked me to get water and I had to go there real quickly but yet not spill (now try doing that with full heavy buckets haha yeah right!) and i had socked feet. My socks and feet were getting wet and the ground being tile was getting slippery cause i accidently splosh water over. But she yell at me cause I wasnt going fast enough and I was slipping and nearly fall down but all she care about is getting the water. Then I was suppose to do it a certain way and then she told me to do something and got all pissed off cause I didnt do it a certain way even though she never shown me nor told me how to do it...So back and forth I went nearly running and slipping and sliding on the floor cause of the water and she was just bitching (no other word fits it) up a storm because I wasnt going fast enough and wasnt doing it right. Well I'm sorry but I dont know what to do if people dont show me or tell me. I cant read minds. <br />
<br />
those are only a few examples. <br />
<br />
So see I DO have to be perfect.

If we were perfect we wouldn't need to be Christians

I always figured it was someone who didnt do anything wrong and was perfect.

A SC is someone who knows they're not perfect.

Thanks that wont happen cause a SC is perfect...and Im not.

Sorry to hear that Jesusisthetickler - that is a terrible ordeal for anyone to live with. In a way though, it can help to bring you closer to Christ. <br />
<br />
With the experience of that kind of suffering you are already closer to Christ who is the King of Suffering (see his crown). By joining your sufferings in with Christs, and doing what he did, and offer those sufferings to God for those who caused it and for the world generally, you also have the potential to do enormous good in the world.<br />
<br />
Suffering is not a good thing, but when it comes our way, good can come from it. Don't be down on yourself therefore but see it as a unique way for you to be closer to Christ and help Him. If you do that, I PROMISE you will be a SC. Of course I know that's super-hard, but embracing a cross will never be easy.<br />
<br />
Anyway, you have a friend in me and I hope it all works out. You're in my prayers and I hope you'll keep me in yours.<br />
<br />
Pax inter spinas (peace amongst thorns)

Well I dunno. All I know is Ive had a terrible past and feel I need to know Him even better. Jesus has tickled me about 750+ times. If Jesus tickled me once a day for 365 days that is a year. That means Jesus has already tickled me 1 year worth. Now since He has tickled me let's say just the 750 then well 365 is 1 year and 365x 2y 2y = 2 years would make 730. So Jesus has tickled me for 2 years straight. That is 1 tickling a day for 730 days or 2 years. But it is about 750 (more but we will just make it that for easy sakes) so 750-730 is 720. So 20 days. I think. So I think 2 years and 20 days. Jesus would have to tickle me for 1,095 times to make 3 years straight.<br />
<br />
I suppose my past doesnt help with my trust issues and condemnation and what nots. I was sexually abused at age 9 and 10. I can still remember it well and pretty detailed. Pretty much rejected for no reason all throughout school. Emotional abuse too.

Being Christian is all about how deep your relationship is with God. It's an alignment of heart.<br />
<br />
To recognise Jesus' tickling qualities means you must know Him better than most so you're probably already there.

That is the problem I have...I find it hard not too. I feel less of God's daughter or even NOT because I'm not a SC. It is discouraging cause I feel the Bible reading and prayer and praise or whatever wont ever be good enough or accepted because "it isn't as good or pure as the SCs'." <br />
<br />
Like they are holier than I. <br />
<br />
Of course my problem with condmenation doesnt help amtters either

once u receive Christ u r Christian.... look only unto Chirst not unto others....