Heart Broken

I'm 49 years old and will be 50 in September 2009.  Met Jesus in 1979 @ Fort Bragg N.C. 30 years now of drifting so far it felt like the flyes on the window were gathering to get near the stench of my attitude and chasing so hard I could feel his breath on my shoulder.  I was once told that, "if you can think of a time in your life that you were more on fire than you are right now, that you are back slidden."  After 30 years with the wife of my youth, four kids and a business that consume the vast majority of my time, I long for the days when I could read the word from sun up to sun down and when everyone I saw was a potential opportunity to talk about Jesus.  Im going to stop no or I will start to break down.  Anyway, I love Jesus more than anyone or anything.  I knew He was near even in my youth years before we ever shook hands. 

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3 Responses Apr 21, 2009

When we stop growing and learning we're no longer livin. Sounds like your gettin back on track. First step is always admitting there's a prob. Where the mind is the rest will follow. <br />
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I've been at Ft Bragg too. hmmmm I've also done a few tats and have a few too. ; )

God will always help you get back on track to where you need to be. I myself have trouble realizing that, but I know it is the truth.

So? <br />
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The only thing stopping you from getting to where you wanna be, is you!<br />
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Being a "better" Christian is only a personal goal for you. Being a Christian is something you already are.<br />
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Carry on soldier!<br />
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(I'm only 2 hours from Bragg and one of my ex employees owns a tattoo shop there......I'm at Camp LeJeune where I've been tattooing for 30 years)