In His Hands

I am not sure what will happen tomorrow, or past that.  All I know is that I will keep having faith in the Lord, because I know he has a purpose for me in this life.  I know God loves us all, and he will bless us along our way. 

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bella, there are some things written that are solid, not in the air, if you get established on these things, you will move in clarity, find out what jesus did for you when he died on the cross, include yourself in it, and see it work, find out why is he risen andwhat is your role in it. all that is his purpose for your life

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I don't believe in a "god" why we're here isn't important to me. I'm so happy that people in this life can find greater meaning, for them. Although I may not believe in what you all do, trust that i live my life in the best way i could. The bible to me is a guideline, something to live your life by. Thats what i think it was meant for. People sit here and argue, well not here, in life i mean. They argue about god being real or not. It makes no sense. If they took the time to see the big picture i believe this world would be a better place. I have been told before to become a priest. I would except i don't believe in a god. But ask yourself this question, would that make me a bad person? I know im not. people in the religious community's have scored me and even looked down on me because i don't "believe". Becoming a better christian would have nothing to do with being a better person if all the want is for someone to just think the way they do. So i hope that all who put there life in the hands of god, would not just want the best for there fellow believers, but for every single person who struggles and tries. Although they have different beliefs.

hello fizz, if you investigate most people are lost, trying to find happiness, and coming up with a dead end, our roots come from our creator, he has our true identity, and purose, im sorry people look down on you, you are on your search as well

The more I give my problems to Christ, the lighter I feel. We have everything in Him.

So true. With God and your faith in him you have all you need.

Could I recommend reading the book 'the shack; it is a christian based book but is not true, although it does give you a fair thought and just shows you the loving gentle yet fair God we love and obey!!!

Yes I do.feel I want to do more for the Lord. I think everyone feels that way because how can we repay Jesus, for what He did for us on that cross. "For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified andit is with your mouth that you confess and are saved" (Romans10:10)

If I just keep puting my trust in the Lord and wait on his return, I feel so much better for tomorrow.<br />
When I put all my troubles in His hands I know he deals with them. <br />
Our father is good and full of love. Hallelujah

Amen and a great big WOOOOO.HOOOOO .TO JESUS!!

This is a great site. Put all your troubles and doings into Gods hands and things will be so much better. Living in the light is much easier than fumbling around in the dark