Is Skinny Dipping A Sin?

I asked the question in the polling area EP Link it might worth a discussion.  Any opinions, scripture, or guidance?

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5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Of course skinny dipping is not a sin, if you are alone or with male friends(who are not gay)

No. Skinny-dipping is not a sin. It's like saying sexuality is a sin or drinking wine is a sin. As long as you stay in the guidelines that God has given us, then you won't fall into sin. If you are a male, then this website on skinny-dipping might help.<br />
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Not if your alone ; )

I agree with meerin.<br />

I think it depends on the intent of the skinny dip. Being naked is natural. From a biblical standpoint, we only found shame when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and became aware of the link between nakedness and lust. <br />
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So, skinny dipping isn't a sin, but if you're skinny-dipping to lust after others, it probably is. Then you have to get into what sins you're willing to commit and if you believe the Bible is 100% accurate.