TO Be the Btter Mommy

Of course we all have areas of our parenting skills  that could probably be touched up ...  but its hard to balance life these days even though we have so many different gadgets  to so it ...  what happened to a planner  ??  I would love  to be able to be the  " tv mom " but its not possible for anyone ... THe household income  is so  high now and the Job rate is horrible ... To be married and have Children  is almost relatively  ( financially ) as difficult as being a  single parent and raising a family ...  I however am  am very lucky because i have a very supportive family that help take care of us while i wait on my SSI . So i get to spend more time with my kids and i hope that i will  still be able to watch them grow even as i get my  life  back on track in terms of going back to work  or school , Whenever that comes into play .
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Apr 28, 2007