Trying Is The Hardest Part

After getting motivation from all the EP members supporting me and giving me great prespective, I desided to climb out of my Low self esteem. This is going to be hard and I just started today at 12:32AM. I decided to Vent my emotions when I'm sad instead of stuff them inside untill I have a meltdown of sadness. Second I want to change my attitude from negative to positive and so far I'm having no luck with that, I feel sad at the moment but mixed with alittle motivation. Third I'm going to make myself more social, even though im not a very socializing type of person. I still don't know what to do about all this random hate siting inside me, it seems I can't vent it because I think deep inside I'm the source of this hatred. Theres alot more I need to revise in my life. I just Prey this will all work out.
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3 Responses Aug 24, 2010

Finding self esteem is a tough one, since in reality it has been pounded in by others. There are probably many things you feel you can not do or do well. Take them on one at a time, do your best and impress yourself. Put enough things in the I can do that too and better if I want. Before long the self esteem will take care of its self. Wishing you the best in your efforts !

Trying is the hardest. When you know in your heart and your mind that you want to try which is the second step. The first step is acknowledge what the problem is and why? Then trying because when you try and you are doing that hard it seems when something comes up and triggers it your back to step one. Your right. We have to change our mind set. But the first thing is our hearts. We need a good cleansing. I know because I have been in a deep depression myself along time ago. Tried to kill myself several times. Being positive and thinking it and listening to uplifting music. For me spending time with God and talking to Him. Even when I am mad with Him I tell Him. I talk out loud.

Happiness and sadness are not just states of mind, LM, they are also *habits* of mind, and there are definitely things you can do to change the way your thoughts run and how they make you feel.<br />
<br />
Before you go to sleep, SMILE.<br />
When you wake up, SMILE.<br />
<br />
I know it sounds trite -too easy!- but it works. Everyone knows that smiling gives the facial muscles a good workout, but not many are aware that large parts of the brain light up with activity when we smile, as well. The brain learns and remembers best through repetition: the more often a thought-pattern is repeated, the more likely it is to be repeated again in the future. <br />
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People usually smile because they feel good, but this can work the other way as well. We can actually "trick" our brains into making us feel good, just by smiling.<br />
<br />
Try it!