I Want To Be The Person That Is Dependable.

I want to be a better person, but I'm having a hard time at the moment. I don't know where to start at. There's so many things that I want to improve on. I want to be someone that my family can be proud of to mention to others. I want to be the person that my nieces and nephews can look up to and say "I want to be just like my Aunty." I'm making the effort now. I signed myself up for the gym and am trying to lose weight so I can set an example for my nieces and nephews to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm working my way to get a good job to help support my family. And I'm working on myself too besides my weight. I'm becoming more feminine, which I like because instead of feeling so manly, it feels nice feeling like a woman.
Lady808 Lady808
18-21, F
May 7, 2012