I Dont Know My Reason For Living

I lost my mother at 10 i was molested most my life met a young man had a baby got married husband wouldnt work i had to work my whole life children grown about to get seperated and divorce husband takes sick. i stick with him hes now disabled getting a disability check so he cant pay rent or bills so i stay i have an argument with my boss of 10yrs over different problems i been having quit my job!! now im unemployed with no money and getting very depressed!!
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4 Responses May 22, 2012

Take a little time <br />
Even if there is pain now everything will be alright for as long as the world still turns there will be night and day<br />
Remember...There's a rainbow always after the rain

omgg im very sorry,, may god bless your life in ways you never thought!!

im continously in prayer!!

This to shall pass.Dont give up !