Love Is Sweeter The Second Time Around :d

Here i am again, i'm back and the good news is we're getting back together again. It was a good feeling to be back to where i am before, Now it's good to know that the feeling was still here, i thought it fades away, but it was all wrong.

I'm trying to be a good wife , a friend, a partner, and ofcourse a good mother to our child. For now i just want to be happy and be contented for what i have right now. So i wont waste this second chance or can we say a opportunity to be with him, He takes care of me , understands me, and make me feel the same way before, where he always takes care of me and love me.

I'll be doing the same to him also, i'm going to love him the way he loves me. I really want to apologize for what i have done before, if only he knew it. I want to tell him that i was too blind to see all the efforts and love that he shared with me . Thanks to him and I LOVE HIM !
chyneregis chyneregis
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012