I am working hard at trying to be a better person, it's not easy but in the end will be worth it, and after the recent events of what happen involving me and my fiancée's relationship and are 2 family's I have desired to start reading up on Relationship guides and such... (If your wondering what the events are involving are 2 family's and me and my fiancée just read my other story's) I am trying to work on making myself better then I was when me and my fiancée first got together, and to change the problems and flaws that I can change, all well at the same time learning to correct what me and my fiancée did wrong in the first place...

Right now me fiancée's relationship is stuck between a rock and a hard place.. It's turn into a long distance relationship because are parents force us into making it a long distance relationship and right now me and my fiancée's mom and my fiancée and my mom are suffering from what I call "The mother in-law effect" where basically both groups hate each other, refuse to communicate and just try to pretend neither person exists... It's a incredibly complicated relationship but in the end it will be worth all the blood, sweat, tears and shorten life expectancy...
And besides relationships are not easy, and occasionally I like a challenge
Anyway so right now I am trying to focus on making myself a better person and to learn from my past mistakes and to keep on improving on what can be improved and needs to be improved and keep on fixing what needs and can be fixed :)
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Here's to a long engagement