I think being a better person begins with accepting myself how I am first. How can I put forth the effort necessary to improve something I do not love? I am a human being. I have thoughts, dreams, hopes. I feel. I am flawed and I hurt people. I am kind and I help people.

I would like, always, to be the kind me. I know I cannot always feel like the kind me, but my actions are entirely under my control. So, regardless of how I feel or how I really want to behave, I have the free will to choose differently.

That is the feeling I build upon. I am not weak because I let someone insult me without hurting them back. I am strong because I turned around and walked away. It would feel great, in the moment, to tear them down. But, I have to live with myself forever – people who hurt me will fade as the hurt fades.

I want to feel enlightened, to understand why people do the things they do so I can better understand my own actions. That is the tool I use to help me utilize the power I have to choose. It's hard to do something contrary to my impulses. But, when I can, I feel empowered and the next time, it is easier.
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

No human is perfect but people can be better than they are. We are constantly growing changing let it happen u cant change who u are but u can change how u are


Very wise points. Sometimes the process is the goal.

Good luck!