I'm worried that I have some sort of failure gene or part of my brain that wants me to fail as a person. I have done nothing worthwhile these last 7 years. Who let's their life languish for 7 years? Yeah, I've had problems, who hasn't? But I've seen people who have dealt with worse than I go on to do great things. Maybe I just fell into a routine of not caring, feeling sorry for myself, being lazy. I don't know. I just know I have to change my life. I have to be different than me.
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You haven't failed by any means, you're merely learning. We will all hit a rough patch in our lives once or twice but we must remember to pick ourselves up and carry on.

You haven't failed. Only found ways to do it the wrong way. Just be more methodical about what you put your energy into. Have priorities, and for the love of god be passionate about something the follow it

U write well I can see, you can express yourself well, I wish to read more of your life experiences, you really know English language I can see!!! There go my compliments!!! U seam honest and brite

well knowing you want to change how you operate is the first step in change! develop a plan. take action. even small things count and give yourself credit when you do something different that gives you the possibility to seize an opportunity of anything outside your normal. good luck in your endeavor :)

You're depressed. Depression makes me feel the same way. Have you considered therapy and an antidepressant? I just started and it's making a difference.

I know and this moment will pass soon enough. Fortunately I haven't been seriously depressed for a few years. I have moments now and then but I won't take meds. I have known I've been wasting my life by it just hit me for real. 7 years. Apparently if you spend an hour a day learning a language, you will master it in 7 years. Know what ive been doing? Playing video games. For several hours a day. I have had jobs in this time but I haven't really done anything. I am currently making plans for my life and doing my best to implement them, but right now I just worry that I left it a little too late. Thank you for the advice.

its never to late to change until you are dead. you are young and i consider myself still to be a major work in progress at the age of 32. never give up maybe make a very simple daily goal of not playing a video game until you have done at least one productive thing a day. even something as simple as doing laundry or cleaning something before you start gaming is a great start! i used to game alot myself still like to play call of duty from time to time:)

Sorry, I do actually clean around the house because my parents work and my sister's has a baby to take care of. So I do what I can and I havent touched my ps3 in maybe 2 weeks other than to change a show on netflix. It just gets to be a little much at times and I needed to ***** for a minute. Otherwise I have nothing really going on. Thanks for the encouragement my friend.

Cheer up, man. You have a chance to change your life!! You're very young. You can do this. Yes, you can do this :)

Thanks for the words of encouragement man. Funny you telling me I'm still young though. That's what I say to the folks in your age group.

You are in my age group! Haha. I'm about to turn 22 yo. And you're welcome, mate. Whenever you feel alone hit me up. You're not alone! You can be the person you want to be.

Thanks. I really appreciate it. I don't normally go in for self pity but some realizations are a bit much and unfortunately this site helps the pity party. You got a September birthday?

Oh I understand, no need to explain. I go trough that occasionally too. I do, sept 11th! You?

19th! Gonna be 25. I feel pretty dumb because i set up this account thinking I was 25. I don't really pay attentiom to days much anymore.

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