I Am Loved

I appreciate my husband so much. I only wish I could show him how much I value him. He has been my rock for years and has gotten me through some pretty awful times. Growing up, we were not a touchy feely kind of family, so the art of touch is not something I ever learned to do or appreciate. I have major zone issues and like my own space. He unfortunately is just the opposite...he has actually said the reason I am not ticklish is because I didn't get enough hugs as a child. He says it in a joking manner...but I just know it bothers him that I can go days (sometime weeks) without having to touch anyone. I love him soooooooo much and I want him to be happy with me and know that I couldn't make it one day without him...but I am just not big on romance, bells and whistles..... any suggestions?
natashamarie natashamarie
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Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my story. Touch is something I don't need and feel almost awkward doing, but these things are small enough that I think I can do it. Thanks again :)

No hugs????? In lieu of hugs, try touches. Small things, like rub the back of his neck, put an arm around him as he walks by, scratch his head, anything to give a little bit of physical contact. And tell him what you wrote here, tell him how much he is worth to you. Whisper one thing a day in his ear as you lean over him and put that hand on his neck. A man likes a woman to be the initiator of things some times...