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Out Of Prison

oh ths very thinking about birds makes me excited i watch birds flying in the air with a desire to b having those wings and to breath in that cool air out from suppressed being with my wings opened wide and i wish to fly high! high! so high!
sunshines333 sunshines333 18-21, F 3 Responses Apr 29, 2012

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Get well soon? WTF does that mean? Are you the only one that is well? And everyone that challenges your beliefs you call sick? Wow!!!! Who do you think you are? Some guru that reached perfection free of spiritual sickness? Wow!!!

Your desires cage you but you DESIRE love?! Then you would not want LOVE if any Desire is such a great sin in your eyes!

i dont say desires are sins but it's not my aspiration to get tensed for finding materialism.i want desires related to soul having upper hand over desires related to body.just this and that other matters are understood vby me after so much time and they are experiences relatyed to soul .they resist complete description bcz they cant be explained by me in words fully.i have understood to some extent your way and i think that you are merely raising questions but giving so less for my learning as well as taking nothing.but get well soon.tak care.may you be blessed!

You choose not to learn because you think you are perfect in need of no further learning or spiritual growth, that is not God's way, no human (soul) is perfect or ever stops learning! Grow up and drop your ignorance, you seem to sound SO PROUD in your knowing all and God hates pride!

PS PRIDE is Satan's way... He thought he was perfect too, more perfect than God and got kicked out of heaven - you think you are more perfect than other humans or all God's creation just like Lucifer... He must have bowed down to humans, like humans should "bow" to each other respecting the divine in each other no matter how faint their light...but you seem to bow to no one but yourself, if you are perfect you leave God out of the equation, because only He is the all perfect being that ever existed!

i agree your concept related to proud but i dont agree that you understand one comment you are saying to stop trying and in this you are saying that i m to try.what are you talking about.i dont knw why you are considering me so proud.firstly you were saying that i pretend to be sweet and how come that suddenly i m seeming to you so much proud.why blaming me you dont knw me clearly you have not talked to me directly about my convictions and faith yet saying things about me as if you know everything about me.i dont say that dont criticize me for my wrongdoings but talk about things that you objecting on reasonable base.and hear this clearly only Allah is the absolute perfection.dont accuse me again for this that i want to gain any kind of power for which you have are as if attacking me for my convictions even when you dont know them.try to understand things with calmness.ask God real ans then talk.well i wish you may come close to God so that you may understand things better.i dont say that i m better close to Him than you but i m just praying for have banned my ideolects "dear" i feel restricred well its fine with me.
may you be blessed!

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What wants to cage you?

my desires cage me from being selfless.the state of selflessness that ultimately lead to level of "becoming" the level where human being gets his heart reflecting the love of God.this material aspirations,these bodily desires, burden of flesh on soul.i want this body and soul in such a way proportioned that my whirling in love for God may get level of ecstasy.these all are caging me against my experience of love and to be loved by love.i dont knw whether you will understand or not but that are related to my religious and spiritual states that keep me in such situation some times that i utter such stories.and i love all that come to me.
may you be blessed!