All this time, I have been living with Brandi,as Brandi. Now it is time I live for Brandi. Brandi is a beautiful and caring woman.She is loving and thoughtful. She is sometimes a strong and vibrant woman.Sometimes she is a scared little girl who just needs to be held. Sometimes she is a real ***** who has to have her own way. Sometimes she is a woman in love.At times she is scared,sad or lonely.Other times she is fierce,happy or feels so loved. Whatever Brandi happens to be at any given time,she is still in her cocoon,waiting to emerge from her cocoon as a brightly colored and beautiful butterfly as she flies out to enjoy her life the way she was supposed to. It will be a wonderful day.Someday...I hope...
Brandigirl1000 Brandigirl1000
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

And what a gorgeous butterfly she will be. ; ) I hope the day comes when I get to meet her fully emerged.

Oh thank you so much! I dream of that day everyday.

I can certainly understand that dream. I will be lucky if i get to go through transition let alone full surgery and living the dream. But once life is over I can go back to being a woman and never be a guy again. I look more forward to that than anything.