My Ultimate Dream

I have been wanting to become a doctor ever since I was seven years of age , and at the age of sixteen I've decided that I want to become a Cardiovascular surgeon . And now in my third year of Medical School and the science of Medicine still fascinates me a lot !
It is such an amazing idea that an individual can learn so many things about the human body , and so many things about the life in general and at the same time is capable of helping people in a great deal , that what makes Medicine so special and doctors so great .
MagicalDawn MagicalDawn
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4 Responses Mar 30, 2011

Aww .. Well I think that you should start to think positively and just follow your passion and work really hard . If you do that , nothing wrong can ever happen . Trust me on that .<br />
I mean , things can get really hectic in a lot of times that you'll feel that everything is indeed a mess , but it'll all go away at the end of the day . I say you just follow your dream . Good Luck :)

Ya, I'm trying - but im scared if i slip up everything will just be a mess. And then my dream career will be out of the window.

Ah thanks :) Why don't you pursue your dream until you get to live it ?

OH, your living my dream life