The Pathologist Is Here

Studying to be a lab tech makes me want to go further into the medical profession.  I want to be a pathologist.  I have talked to several people about this and gotten positive responses:  my psychiatrist, my microbiology teacher, our former clinical coordinator.  Here are the requirements (not in order):

  1. Be wierd.
  2. Like going to school.
  3. Survive medical school.
  4. Like money.
  5. Like lab work.

Number 5 is definitely true for me.  I love looking through the microscope and seeing cells and bacteria, etc.  My psychiatrist did think I would be good in this area, but he warned about the stress of medical school.  He had wanted to be a neurosurgeon but it was too much for him.  He said that psychiatry and pathology are "calm" specialties to go into. 

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1 Response Aug 14, 2009

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